Certificate Program Exams (ASTACAP)

The ASTA Certificate Advancement Program is a framework for the graded periodic assessment of the string instrument student's technical progress and musical development. Through the program, students earn Certificates of Achievement as they complete each level of competency. The program is designed to encourage and motivate students, and to recognize their progress. It is open to all students of ASTA members, preschool through adult.

In 2016, we will have two different ASTA CAP events in Tennessee, in Clarksville and Knoxville.

The priority online application deadline is March 7. To register online for an ASTA CAP audition, click here.


• Foundation-through level 3: $45
• Level 4-6: $50
• Level 7-8 $60
• Level 9-10 $70

NOTE: These are the rates for the live ASTA CAP auditions in TN this year. If you prefer, you can do the online ASTA CAP auditions, run through national ASTA office. There is a different rate structure for those online auditions. Go to www.astastrings.org for more information.

More Information

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  • Clarksville

    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    To register online for the Clarksville ASTA CAP audition, click here.
    Adjudicator: Simone Parker
    Email Dr. Crane for more information.

  • Knoxville


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